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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Angus se preek - Saterdagoggend - 17 April 2010

"Watchmen of the House"

(Ek gaan in Oom Angus se huistaal skryf , want die vertaalwerk gaan lank vat)

Angus begin to say that every man here is ordained by God and that there is a reason why he is here.The main passage in the bible for this event is Ezekiel 3:17-19, to be a watchman for your fellow man,family and the nation.The watchman must warn people to turn from their wicked ways or else their blood will be on your hands.If you do that and they still don't turn , at least you did the part where you stood up for God and do His will.

The previous night in the sermon angus read a sentence by some famous man of God who said " As a man is in his heart , so he sees ". What he meaned by that was the way a man believes in his heart about the world and circumstances will also be the way he sees things through his eyes.The eyes is only a window to the heart.

The other great thing to remember is to wait on the Lord.Angus first told how he went for a whole week before the event to the woods on his farm , to seek the face of the Lord.He told how a young man from Vryheid drove 4 hours to just tell him one thing. "You are to busy !"

One of the great missionaries , the well known John Wesley,once said,"I am to busy to be in a hurry." The lesson being not to do things over and over 10 times but do the things you must do , diligently but without being just busy and not have time for God.

We must also learn to serve and almost be like a butler or waiter in real life. If there is one thing God hates , it is pride. Angus told the story of a good friend who always as he pass a group of donkeys,will take his hat of and salute them.Angus would ask him for what he is doiing that.His friend replied that the donkey is such a humble animal and the only one with a cross on it's back, and then it was the animal that brought his King,Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.

Then Angus read out of II Kings 2.It was about Elijah and Elisha , and the way Elisha served his master.He served him so diligently and never wanted to leave him.In the end he did twice as many miracles as Elijah, but it was his persistance to do God's will that made him a great prophet.How do we serve the Lord on the moment...

God is challenging us to become waiters. His eyes are running to and through the crowd to see who are the people willing to serve him.The famous Martin Luther King once was asked what is the three most important things about his life. He just said , humility,humility and humility.

Angus then gave the whole crowd five minutes to just keep very quiet,close their eyes and listen what God wants to tell them. After that the whole crowd got on their knees and got the chance to repent of their sins and also to commit their lives to serve the Lord Jesus from now onwards.Jesus spend 30 years with His Father before he ministered for three years on earth.

The service came to an end with thousands of new commitments to Jesus.

We are looking forward towards the rest of the weekend's sermons...
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